ILEC (International Legal English Certificate)


The ILEC examination enables an estimation of English knowledge in the field of jurisprudence. This examination corresponds to the following levels of competence in the English language: Upper-Intermediate/Advanced or B2/C1. ILEC testifies that its possessor can confidently communicate in English in a legal context and is capable of entering law faculties of foreign universities or shows employers that the certificate-holder has a high level of competence in legal lexis and writing.

ILEC is intended for students and recent graduates of law faculties – those who plan to work in international organizations or to work as a lawyer abroad – or for those who work in their native countries in a largely English environment. Only students with the Upper-Intermediate/Advanced levels are admitted to the preparation course, as determined by the results of introductory testing.

Examination materials are based on real tasks which the practicing lawyer can encounter in his everyday activities. In addition, preparation for examination ILEC will help candidates to raise the level of proficiency in the language, to improve conversational skills and to expand their professional vocabulary.