Our teachers

When studying a foreign language the correct choice of a good teacher assures your success.

At English Life only highly qualified teachers who pass obligatory testing and prove to have a high professional level of English, competence in teaching techniques and also satisfy other requirements work with us.

There are both native speakers and Russian professionals among our teachers. The ability to work in a team, creative spirit, profound knowledge of the subject, high professionalism and determination to make the training process as exciting and effective as possible are their common features. And above all – they love their work!

We do our best to attract only professional, qualified and skilled teachers and we account for the professional level of English Life teachers with our reputation.

General requirements of teachers

  • Higher linguistic education
  • Fluency in the spoken language and excellent pronunciation
  • Competence in traditional and communicative methods of training
  • Work experience as an English teacher of minimum 2 years
  • Work experience with modern course books of foreign publishing houses
  • Knowledge of business English vocabulary in various spheres of business
  • Skill to select additional individual materials for lessons

Professional requirements of teachers

  • Competence in the intercultural features of the countries of the taught language
  • Competence in the theory and practice of English language teaching
  • Skill to achieve the aims of the courses
  • Ability to establish rapport with students
  • Skill to carry out training planning
  • Ability to determine the length of the course
  • Skills in testing techniques
  • Competence in the effective training organization