Teaching methods

The Communicative Method of Language Teaching, whose efficacy is attested by all leading experts in the field of foreign language teaching is the basis of our approach.

The key principles of our teaching methods are the goal-based approach and the maximal individualization of the training process (customer-centered training).

The teacher promotes the development of those student’s language skills which are necessary for effective communication and confidence in everyday and working situations dealt with.

We are aimed at the end result and constantly coordinate your progress in accordance with the tasks assigned.

Precisely chosen objectives and the exact evaluation of the starting level allow us to determine as accurately as possible the ways to achieve these objectives and to develop a realistic, individualized program of training.

Basic features of our teaching methods:

  • Communicative approach
    Communication in all kinds of exercises is the key point in this method. Grammar studying and vocabulary development is made through speech practice approximated as much as possible to real socializing situations.
  • Connection with the professional activity of the company
    Preliminary analysis of each client’s language needs and his business specificity study allow us to develop programs that considerably raises student’s motivation.
  • Student-oriented training.
    The course is developed on the basis of the student’s current level of knowledge and experience, with a view to each student’s specific goal.
  • Emphasis on speaking and listening skills development
    Our lessons enable concentration of students’ attention on active speaking and listening skills development. 80% of the lessons are devoted to speaking practice.
  • Confidence and fluency of speech
    Constant interaction and maximum communication i the lesson help our students to acquire confidence and fluency of speech, to increase self-monitoring and accuracy in speaking skills they have gained.
  • Diversity of courses
    We offer a wide range of language programs for different language levels and purposes.
  • Maintenance of students’ motivation
    Courses raise the students motivation, focusing their attention on what is really necessary for them to practice. Training is achieved in an atmosphere of cooperation.