BEC (Business English Certificate)


BEC Preliminary (Business English Certificate Preliminary)

This exam is designed to determine the candidate’s skills in English business vocabulary at an Intermediate or B1 level of competence. This Certificate testifies to general business English skills, which allow for composing a resume, filling in a questionnaire and giving personal information.

BEC Vantage (Business English Certificate Vantage)

The second most complex examination in this category testing knowledge of Business English is intended for candidates who have reached the Upper-Intermediate level or B2 and are able to use English in everyday business communication, to receive visitors and perform their duties in their field in full.

BEC Higher (Business English Certificate Higher)

This is the final Cambridge examinations which tests the level of Business English language skills and is intended for candidates who have reached or are close to achieving the Advanced level or С1. BEC Higher establishes that the candidate can use the English language confidently in the business sphere of communication, can negotiate and communicate fluently in English in the working environment.