English Speaking Club «Talk Talk Talk»

We invite you to attend our English Speaking Club “Talk Talk Talk”, which is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with interesting people and to discuss exciting topics in the language you are studying.

Speaking Club Talk Talk Talk – is

  • An opportunity to communicate in English and only in English!
  • An opportunity to get over the language barrier;
  • An opportunity to socialize with a native speaker whatever level of competence in English you have;
  • An opportunity to improve your fluency in English and diversify your vocabulary;
  • An opportunity to express your opinion in the subjects you are interested in;
  • An opportunity to join the group whenever you wish, to stay away for some time and return to the same group again;
  • An opportunity to learn something new and to consolidate new skills, to keep your language level;
  • An opportunity to spend your time in an interesting and useful way;
  • An opportunity to make new friends;
  • The participants determine themselves the course of the session.

Speaking Club – is the best way to remove the language barrier, to acquire fluency in speaking, to get prepared for socializing in an English-speaking environment, to improve your English constantly, to feel more confident in communication with foreigners, to defend your point of view.

The format of sessions depends on the content: viewing and discussion of a film, an intellectual game, a meeting with an interesting person, discussion of the latest news, project completion or just a free talk with a cup of English tea!