Translation services

The Language Center English Life offers written and oral (simultaneous and consecutive) translation. Presently many companies on the market provide similar services – we distinguish ourselves first of all for the quality and the individual approach to the client. We give maximum attention to each of our projects.
We try as much as possible to differentiate our approach to translation of materials of various subjects. We do not have all-round translators working at all texts simultaneously; each of our translators specializes in materials of a certain structure – only thus can we can guarantee the quality.

Translation of Documentation

  • Technical translation – professional translation of instructions and operation manuals, descriptions of technological processes and design documentation in the following fields: electrical engineering, complex automation systems, aircraft construction, mechanical engineering, refrigerating machinery, oil and gas extraction. Proofreading of materials is carried out by experts in the corresponding field.
  • Legal translation – professional translation of contracts, agreements and company documents.
  • Fiction translation – the complexity of literary texts translation lies in the extraordinarily high semantic “concentration” of each word – the translator should reproduce not so much the text in another language, as to create it anew; here the skill to interpret the word-play is important, as well as the language form sense, and the ability to convey the artistic image.
    Text editing — professional editing of the text by the teacher native speaker.

Special translation

  • Translation of letters – quick professional translation of personal and business correspondence with an assurance of confidentiality. We guarantee the adequate equivalent translation of the intention of your letters.
  • Translation of sites – competent translation of site pages into English, German, French, with the adequate account of head queries (words and phrases most often demanded in the search systems).
  • Localization – translation and adaptation of interface elements, auxiliary files and documentation in view of the specificity of each project. Direct work with the initial files is possible.


  • Telephone conversations – interpreting of telephone conferences in online
  • Consecutive interpreting –escort of delegations; negotiations, conferences.
  • Simultaneous translation – professional simultaneous translation