Abroad education

Learning abroad through Language Center English Life – it is an opportunity for schoolchildren, students and adults to learn a foreign language in different countries of the world. It is a special type of the course, whose objective is to combine learning a foreign language with active sightseeing, entertainment and sports program in the countries of the target language.

[sc:h2color color="e05fef" text="Learning and education abroad is a good choice:" ]
  • for schoolchildren it is an opportunity to consolidate the already acquired language skills in practice and to acquire new knowledge.
  • for senior classes, learning abroad will help prepare university entrance. Studying abroad opens opportunities to communicate with your peers from different countries and to spend your leisure time in an interesting and purposeful way.
  • for recent graduates, training abroad is an opportunity to get a prestigious job, and for experts with experience it is an opportunity for career growth.
  • for businessmen, training abroad gives access to tadvanced knowledge and technologies, and also it is an invaluable experience of communication with peers in the industry.
  • for teachers of foreign languages, training abroad as a refresher course is an opportunity to familiarize oneself with new teaching techniques.
  • Besides, training abroad is a unique opportunity for creative formation of modern personality and for cultural advance!
[sc:h2color color="e05fef" text="Home far from Home" ]
  • Residing in a family
    If you choose this option you will plunge into the English-speaking environment, living in a friendly and affable family.
  • Accommodation in a residence
    If you prefer to stay in a residence, you will have options of single or double accommodation with all conveniences. Each residence is located in immediate proximity to schools.
[sc:h2color color="e05fef" text="Types of programs" ]

Standard course

It is a structured course suitable for all levels of foreign language skills. It is an ideal way to develop oral speech skills and written practice, understanding and reading (for daily use).

Intensive course

In this program the general course classes are blended with optional classes. It makes training more profound and progress more significant.

Business course

This course improves business communication skills in a foreign language.

English in Practice program

This course enhances language skills in real communication and environment after the completion of the studying period.

Preparation for examinations

Preparation for basic examinations in the language: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate, DSH, DELF, DALF etc. Each of these examinations is necessary for entering a foreign college or university (depending on the country).

Vacation programs

It is a special type of courses, which aims at combining foreign language training with active sightseeing, entertainment, and sports program.
[sc:h2color color="e05fef" text="Main facts of the standard program:" ]
  • Maximum size of the class: 15 persons
  • Duration of the course: from 2 weeks
  • Minimum initial level: Beginner (Initial)
  • Hours per week: from 20 classes of 50 minutes
  • Flexible starting dates
  • Morning or daytime classes
  • Availability of additional individual classes
  • Personal plans of training
  • Weekly progress test
  • Certificate and report upon the course termination
  • Extensive sightseeing and entertaining program
  • WiFi access
  • Multimedia Center
  • Relaxation room for learners