Children’s holiday camp

Children’s holiday camp in the Leningrad region is a wonderful choice for both the child and the parents, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, for children who have never been in a children’s holiday camp and have never gone far from home without parents, it’s a wonderful experience of socializing with their peers and participating in team activities. Thus they will not feel home sick, after all mum and dad can visit them at weekends.

And secondly, such a holiday is quite affordable for the family budget.

Children’s Holiday Camp in the Leningrad region is a unique set of interesting programs for each rotation!

Children’s Learning Camp Happy Day with participation of the English Life Language Center invites children at the age from 7 to 16 to take part in various programs in autumn, winter, spring and summer rotations!

[sc:h2color color="bbc402" text="The program of the Children’s Learning Camp Happy Day includes:" ]
  • morning exercises – an active beginning of each day
  • learning sessions in foreign languages with qualified teachers of the English Life Language Center. Classes will be conducted every day using individual programs for different skill levels in English.
  • artistic-creative activity – competitive creative programs, art clubs and master classes, informal theatre performances, acting skills;
  • sports games and activities – physical exercise and keeping fit for children (team sports, competitions, active games and quests);
  • swimming pool – classes with an instructor, 2-3 times per rotation;
  • team corner decoration – creativity development with children
  • labor activity – self-service skills, responsibility and independence development (cleaning of personal recreation sites, pull duty);
  • all-camp events – entertaining leisure for children (game room visiting, libraries, concerts, celebrations and shows, film in the camp cinema hall, bonfires)
[sc:h2color color="bbc402" text="Accommodation and nutrition:" ]
  • Accommodation in the blocks with cozy rooms
  • Shower units on the ground floor
  • Dryers in each block
  • Own boiler-house which provides heating and hot water supply
  • 5 meals a day
[sc:h2color color="bbc402" text="Camp infrastructure:" ]
  • warm comfortable brick blocks
  • a covered heated swimming pool and gym
  • a stadium, volleyball and basketball play-grounds
  • an open stage
  • a dining room and a cinema hall
  • a library and a games room
[sc:h2color color="bbc402" text="Security and health service: " ]

Children’s safety is given particular attention. The camp is staffed with qualified skilled youth leaders and specialized experts, and the area is guarded round the clock. During the rotation at any moment a doctor and a nurse are ready to render necessary medical aid to each child. A first aid post in the camp works round the clock.
[sc:znakvosklicania color=”green” text=”Our overall objective is to provide the maximum personal development to each child, to foster self-expression, to open his potential talents, to create conditions for optimal mental and physical development. Let your child have a fascinating vacation!” ]