English at weekends

English Life Language Center offers an intensive course «English at weekends» in the suburbs of St.-Petersburg.

The event is held for all employees studying the English language. As socializing during the «English at weekends» course is carried out only in English, for many listeners making initial steps in training it is a real opportunity to overcome the language barrier. Advanced listeners gain experience of interaction with native speakers, master various language and grammatical subtleties. Besides, it is just an excellent way to have fun and exciting weekends!

The programs can combine language tasks with team-building formation tasks, psychological climate in the team improvement, and friendly relations development. The program «English at weekends» will help increase perceptibly the language competence level and the attitude to training.

The program «English at weekends» aims at:

  • Raising English language learning motivation
  •  Linguistic skills and abilities development
  • New regional geography knowledge acquisition
  • Practice in conversing with a teacher who’s a native speaker
  • Teambuilding