Russian as a foreign language

Teaching Russian as a foreign language (RFL) in this country has a solid, centuries-long history. As early as the beginning of the 18th century Peter I undertook attempts to teach foreign experts the Russian language, “mighty and powerful”.

Today our Language Centre is also ready to offer this service to our foreign partners.

The course of RFL is to generate the communicative competence necessary for communication in the Russian-speaking environment, that is:

  • to develop linguistic thinking necessary for comfortable communication;
  • to give practical knowledge in the field of all language levels necessary both for everyday, and for professional activities;
  • to develop skills of situational behavior and communication;
  • and to cap it all, of course, to get to know this mysterious, but very attractive Russian Soul!

Language Center EnglishLife successfully deals in teaching Russian as a foreign language and offers Russian language courses to all who are interested:

  • foreign top-managers and international companies’ experts, working and living in Saint-Petersburg
  • foreign diplomats and employees of Consulates general in Saint-Petersburg
  • children and family members of foreigners living in Saint-Petersburg
  • foreign students
  • foreign tourists

Language Center EnglishLife offers various programs for learning Russian as a foreign language, taking into account the specificity of business and individual requirements of our clients. We provide not only courses of Russian for beginners, but also specialized programs in Russian as a foreign language in various spheres of business.