Frequently asked questions

Working Experience:

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What is the maximum number of groups your company can serve within the same time period? We can work with up to twenty groups in the same company simultaneously. We have had experience working with up to eighty groups in five languages at various clients at the same time.
What is your biggest project/client? Please, name the company and describe the volume of the project. Russian Railways (200 students) Tailor made course for top managers, train drivers and train attendants.
What was the most successful project from your point of view? Why? Coca-Cola exam preparation course because of 100% result in successfully preparing all students for passing IELTS. Tailor made course at Severstal because of the excellent evaluations received during and after the course.

General requirements to the education process:

1. Levels, Groups

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Please, list language levels that your company can teach? From Introduction to Proficiency
What size of groups (how many people) is optimal from your point of view? We would advise a maximum of eight.

2. Schedule, topics

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Please, describe the process of creating groups` schedule. Which requirements do you consider? We provide comprehensive testing to assess accurately the entry level of all students. Then we form groups according to these levels, individual and company needs analysis, and job specification. The next step is to choose the time (mornings, evenings, afternoons) and duration of lessons (three academic hours or two; twice a week or three times a week)
Who is responsible for the schedule? How long does it take you to make a schedule for 7-14-20 groups? Academic Manager/Director. The whole process takes no longer than 2 weeks. If we have all the necessary information it takes a week to form the groups, based on a completed participant list. Then it takes one more week to allocate teachers. The duration of testing depends on availability of students within the company to complete online/paper tests and take part in speaking evaluations.
How long could be an in-company course you can offer? 48 academic hours is our standard short course. Level completion courses for General or Business English depend on the level, from 96 to 144 academic hours. Duration of seminars and workshops depends on subject (24 or 48).
Could you attach the program description to demonstrate the content? As required.
Please, describe the topics you consider valuable to cover? Up to specified company.
Does your standard program allow to include the list of additional topics? Yes, all programs are customized to individual clients/groups needs. Frequent debates will be held within groups, for example Apple vs Microsoft/benefits and advantages/disadvantages of outsourcing.

3. Testing

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Which tests do you recommend to conduct during each semester? Placement test; Progress Test; and Final Test. Last two are based on program covered.
Can the tests be adopted to cover additional topics included in the program? Absolutely.
How do you usually use test results? The test is itself to measure the progress. It is very important for students to see their achieved level in speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in order to set new goals and aims for the next level. For the HR department the test is important to see development as well as return on investments made in order to achieve this progress. For us tests (Placement test; Progress Test; and Final Test) are the tools which we use to analyze the results, create a programme, monitor the progress and adjust/revise a program if necessary. It is also worth mentioning our initial evaluations which students complete on the second week of study to help us to see their level of satisfaction about teachers, materials, program, homework, etc.

4. Administrative Support

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How your administrative support is organized to follow all agreed deadlines and milestones regarding start and end dates, tests, exams, schedule and other logistics? The basic course contain 96 academic hours comprising is 4 months of study (usually Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec to complete the first semester followed by a break second semester to follow.) We use that structure as it is familiar to many Russians in reminding them they do have mid terms, exams and deadlines. The company also dedicates two managers to each client. This maximizes the successful implementation of agreed procedures and deadlines. If lessons are missed we will complete these hours at a different time agreed with students and the company.
Who usually tracks the execution of all agreed items? Each client is allocated two staff who are responsible for achieving successful program outcome. The Academic manager is responsible for academic materials (tests, programs, teachers, groups formation, timetable), The Sales manager is responsible for commercial side of contract (including all financial matters).

5. Reporting

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Please, depict the reporting process during the semester. After the Placement Test each student is allocated their own folder (containing information on test results, entry level, needs analysis, target level etc) and then is monitored individually. Individual as well group progress is then controlled through evaluations, further testing and knowledge checks taken during the course. Further information including additional interests, test results, teachers’ comments, attendance etc is added into the student folder as it is obtained.
Please, attach the samples of reports. As required.

6. Teachers

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Describe the pool of native speaking teachers, their professional background, origin, experience. Our teachers are among the most capable and experienced native-speaker teachers in St.-Petersburg. They are all highly qualified professionals with backgrounds in International Business and Finance and other industries. Our teachers are from a number of English speaking countries: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland.
Can you provide the company with demo lesson? As required.
How do you see the process of finding appropriate teachers for our company? We recruit teachers based on industry experience and teaching background and qualifications. We utilize an existing extensive network here in St.-Petersburg to make sure that we recruit the right person. All our employees with top level industry qualifications still go through intensive training courses, before they begin training our clients.
What would you do if the students are not satisfied with their teacher? We would work with the teacher and students to overcome any issues incorporated in the initial evaluations provided by the students. If this wasn’t successful, according to our contract we guarantee to replace the teacher within two weeks.
What would be your message to the vendor in case the teacher got ill for about 2 weeks? We would provide a suitable replacement teacher.